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We are the Disruption® company

If you’re not disrupting, you’re conforming. If you’re conforming, you’re going unnoticed. We want our clients’ brands to be noticed and to have a role in people’s lives. We are a Disruption Company in Nicosia, Cyprus, backed by 323 other Disruption Companies all over the world. We are TBWA\ENTELIA.


Our Guiding Light

We don't follow cultural and market conventions - we overturn them. Disruption is our starting point, our North Star, the philosophy that has been the driving force for all the brands we work with. It is the unique way TBWA thinks. Disruption is a collaborative business tool that helps us forge a unique path towards growth for our clients’ brands.

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A brief history

Entelia was brought to life in 1995 with a clear vision - to perfect brands. Entelia, after all, means perfection and so we strive for nothing less every time. In 2005, Entelia joined the TBWA Network as an affiliated agency and adopted the Disruption philosophy. We have been using Disruption to create a bigger share of the future for all the brands we work for ever since.

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